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Remote Computer Support - UP TO 1 HOUR

Remote Computer Support - UP TO 1 HOUR

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Many computer problems do NOT require an on-site home or office visit, and can be resolved remotely.

As long as you have a working, high speed internet connection to your computer or laptop, we can remotely connect to it and resolve many issues, including:

  • Some virus removals
  • Slowness
  • Software installations
  • Optimization
  • Email issues
  • Browser issues
  • Software issues

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have a good or working high speed internet connection, or your computer does not boot, power on, or if you think you have hardware issues Remote Support will NOT WORK.  You will need an on-site service appointment.  Click here to schedule one.  If we start a remote service appointment, and determine it to be a hardware issue or other issue that can not be resolved remotely, an onsite appointment will be recommended, which will incur additional fees.

We charge $49 for UP TO 1 HOUR of remote support.  This satisfies most service requests.  We charge $24.50 per half hour after, if additional time is needed.  Once you purchase this service, you can schedule your remote service appointment online or by calling us at 1-888-5-FLY-GUY.

You will receive email instructions for scheduling your service call, and allowing the technician (all based in the United States!) to connect to your computer.


Step 1: Buy a remote session (click Add To Cart above)

Step 2: Schedule the remote session here.

Step 3: At your scheduled time, click on the remote session link in the email you receive, or come back here and enter the session ID your technician provides you above.

NOTE: Remote sessions scheduled but not paid will be cancelled.